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“It smells so good in here!”

Sweetpea's :: Retail StoreSweetpea's has become much more than your average Toronto flower shop.

Along with a full range of floral design services, we have hand selected a wide variety of giftware, furniture, home decor and stationary to compliment our eco-friendly approach to high quality floral design.

Along with our indoor products, we host a small garden centre in the back of the shop during the warmer months, and a wide selection of Christmas Trees and winter greens come the holidays.

Conveniently located in Toronto's Roncesvalles Village, our goal is to help you create a unique, elegant, beautiful living experience, for you and your family.


The Story of the Venus Florists Sign.

Sweetpea's :: Venus FloristsEvery day, the most common question we get is "Where did you get that sign?"

Venus Florists was Roncesvalles' Flower Shop for 20+ years. There are many rumours to why it closed, everything from a death in the family, to winning the lottery, noone knows for sure.

The infamous sign has become a landmark in the Roncesvalles Village. This incredible piece of Toronto history hung over the shop for years and became one of the most photographed signs in Toronto.

The previous tenants of the building we are currently in rescued the sign when it was removed and destined for the scrap heap. When Sweetpea's took over the lease, we purchased it and moved it to behind our Florist Design bench.

We feel it has returned to its rightful place. Hung with pride in our Toronto Floral Studio, remaining in Roncy, where is it can remain a safe, loved and admired.

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