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“What do you get when you cross a Graphic Designer and a Plant Collector?”

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PLEASE NOTE :: We are going through some changes here at the shop. After carefully reviewing our schedule and commitments to expanding our retail division, we will not be offering garden maintenance services for the rest of 2013. Sadly, it comes down to just not having enough time in the day to do everything we would love to do, to the quality level we want to offer to our clients.

We are still booking for any construction related items, such as patios, fences, stonework, etc. Please send any landscaping enquires to


The elements and principles of design blend seamlessly into every Toronto garden and landscaping project we create.

Our design team combines 15 years of design experience with 20 years of plant expertise and landscape design.

Urban gardening in Toronto means different things to different people. Our goal is to listen to what you’re looking for in your outdoor space in order to create a landscape design and low maintenance garden that suits your garden needs and lifestyle.

We are a full service, Toronto based, landscape company. Offering carpentry, stonework, irrigation, lighting and design services. Working with your existing space and with what you already, we feel the natural approach is generally best in smaller landscapes.

Our passion is plant material. Our goal is to provide year round interest through the use of foliage shape, textures and colours. We believe there is a fine balance between a rich, full, natural garden and chaos. Our designs stress simplicity and the ability to enjoy plants both individually and in a series of “vignettes”. Toronto Landscaping & Garden Design


  • custom carpentry
  • stone work (specializing in natural stone)
  • lawn and garden irrigation systems
  • soil amendment

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