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“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

Sweetpea's :: Toronto Weddings Flowers

Sweetpea's was recognized as "Toronto's Best Fresh Cut Flowers" by Toronto Life Magazine within months of opening its doors.

We may be new to the floral industry, but our design, colours and plant material is second to none. Sweetpea’s offers elegant, clean designs in a natural setting.

Sweetpea's is dedicating to an eco-friendly floral experience.

We hand select our flowers from local Ontario growers whenever possible. By purchasing locally grown flowers and plants, we are supporting over 650 greenhouse farmers who employ approximately 10,000 people in the province of Ontario.

Ontario grown cut flowers are considered among the best in the world with growers who use the latest in technology and growing techniques and are regulated by some of the strictest standards.

Sweetpea's :: Toronto Weddings Flowers

When we do purchase foreign grown floral goods, we ensure they are “Sierra Eco flowers”. The Sierra Eco Label supports and markets the sale of flowers from independently certified socially and environmentally responsible farms. For more information, please visit sierraeco.com.

Within the shop itself, Sweetpea’s is always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2012, we are working towards composting our organic waste onsite through vermicomposting (worm composting).

Very little goes to waste here. We buy carefully, knowing what will and won't sell. We won't stock our coolers just to look full, we use every stem. Flowers that are past their prime, are donated to a local Horticultural Therapist, Margaret Nevett, and used to help her clients discover new skills and enjoyment through the use of plants and flowers. Seeds that don't sell are donated to Fern Public School, and The West End Garden Fairies for use in community garden projects. Sometimes, we simply put our 'orphans' (plants that are no longer sellable) on the sidewalk and post a note to our Facebook page that they are free to a good home. They rarely last longer than an hour before taken to be reborn in someone's garden or house.

Sweetpea's :: Toronto Weddings Flowers

In 2012, we plan to be Bullfrog Powered and are are working to offset our fleet vehicles through TerraPass for the upcoming gardening season.

Even the smallest details are looked into through the use of biodegradable cellophane, use of FSC paper for our marketing materials, in-house laundry services for our shop towels instead of using disposable paper. We are open to your suggestions and ideas on how we can all work together to be as environmental focused as possible.

We pride ourselves on clean, simple, elegant designs that emphasis and enhance the natural beauty of flowers and cut greens.

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